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Choosing A Hardwood Floor

choices of hardwood flooring

Which floor is right for your home?

What hardwood flooring will you choose?


As a homeowner choosing a hardwood floor, you must take into consideration many aspects that you may or may not have already considered. You may want to think of the future and what is going to look good after a remodel. You may want to look into color palettes to see what color flooring goes best with the type of decor or color schemes that will be used in your home. As you can see there can be many decisions that need to be made before choosing the species and color of wood flooring for your property.

There are 100’s of species of wood that you can select from to help you decide the species of wood that is right for your floor. Here at Astro we strongly suggest being wise when making your decision in choosing a floor. We offer only the highest quality of wood and if taken care of, once installed the wood will last at least a century, so you want to be 100% sure of your decision because our floors last a lifetime.

Types Of Wood Flooring For your Home

Here are some of the popular types of flooring Astro has installed in homes just like yours:

  • Ash Wood – Darker, almost ash colored wood
  • Australia Cypress Wood – Knotted, light colored wood
  • Brazilian Cherry – Reddish, smooth grain patterns
  • Heart Pine – Light, dark grain patterns that swirl
  • Hickory – Multi-colored with light grain patterns
  • North American Cherry – Brownish red color with obscure abstract swirling grains
  • North American Maple – Light colored with light grains
  • Oak – Light red with light swirl patterns
  • Pine – Light color with dark in depth swirl patterns
  • Santos Mahogany Wood – Deep red colorwith very light grains
  • Tiger Wood Species – Light colored wood with tiger stripe-like grains

These are just some of the more common species that are available. Whether you are installing a solid hardwood floor or an engineered wood floor, choosing a wood that fits YOU and your home is essential. We can assist and even help you color coordinate the perfect floor for your home to further alleviate the stress of making the right decision. We care about you and take pride in our wood and the work that we provide to every single client that we communicate with, and treat everyone like our family. We are a family business providing other families with the floor of their dreams. Call Astro Hardwood Flooring for your dream floor today!

Replace Or Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?

replace your hardwood floor

What Should I Do With My Floor?

As a homeowner with a pre-existing hardwood floor, you may be asking yourself “Do I replace or restore my hardware floor?” Well, there are a couple of indicators that will help you make your choice and decide whether a replacement is necessary or not. Not to worry, all of our professionals are highly skilled and qualified to handle all of your wood flooring needs, whether it’s hardwood floor refinishing or installation.

Replace Your Hardwood Floor

Here is a list of indications that will let you know if you need to replace your hardwood floor. Astro specializes in hardwood floor installation and we offer competitive price and unparalleled quality services. So, here’s what you can look for:

  • Left-over Glue/Adhesive The existing hardwood floor has a sticky residue left over from aged glue. It may be less costly to just replace the floor. If the residue is left on the floor it will show through the stain is applied.
  • Dust In Cracks An old hardwood floor can build dust for years in the tiny cracks in between the boards. This can cause serious issues for those with allergies. Dust mites dwell in these tiny spaces and are not the most welcome house guest you want around. Having a new hardwood floor will be a strong defense against allergies.
  • Damaged Boards If too many of the boards are damaged, it would be a wise choice to consider replacing the entire floor. Over the years wood fades or get darker and if you can deal with the differences in coloration then I would give the go-ahead to do the restoration. If you are like us and have a knack for things being perfect, you will want to replace the floor.
  • Structure Issues If the sub-floor needs to be repaired or replaced, refinishing and restoreation is not going to be the best option. In the case of a damaged sub floor, the best bet is to rip up the floor and replace it or cover with a different option.
  • Previously Restored The floors we install can be restored up to 5-6 times before needing to be replaced. If your floor has been restored multiple times, please consider replacing it, and making Astro Hardwood Floor your choice of installer.

What is the right choice for you? Well, if you are having a hard time making a determination, contact us and we will gladly come out and give you a quote.